How long does it take to complete a new site?

It typically takes us a week (7 business days) on average to complete a brand new site, once the intake form has been completed, and we have all of the information we need. If more time is needed, you'll be contacted by a representative with an update and time frame.

How can I have my website hosted on your server?

With every service that we offer, we begin with a discovery call. We discuss your reasons for wanting to transfer, if your site will need to be redesigned, pricing packages for monthly and annual hosting, and decide on a plan that works best for you. You'll then sign a hosting agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of hosting your site with us, including services we'll be providing that may have already been discussed. Once the agreement has been signed, you'll submit your first month, or year, of payment and we will begin moving your site over.

What website builders do you all work with?

We are currently partners with both Wix and Shopify, but also service Etsy, WordPress,, Weebly, Squarespace, and Google Sites. We can work with other types of builders, but prefer to conduct a review of the site and platform beforehand.

How much input do I have on the design of the site?

You will have a number of opportunities to share your ideas, input, and provide feedback on our work. If you have ideas, we encourage you to share them on introductory discovery call upon first meeting. Once payment has been submitted, we send you an intake form to complete where you'll be able to further detail for us any information that needs to be included, color preferences, font styles, page requests, etc. Once we've completed the first draft of the site, you'll be sent screenshots and a link to view the site. You'll have 72 hours upon receiveing them to send us any feedback, changes, and thoughts on the design and site.

How much will a site cost me?

It depends on what exactly your needs are, and if you have a current site.

  1. If you are wanting a completely new site built, then our new sites start at $455
  2. If you have a website currently, and just want some changes made to it, that is a website revamps which start at $345
  3. If you are wanting your site rebuilt and moved to a new platform, that is a website transfer and starts at $375
  4. If you are wanting a site built on our server, and hosted by us, that pricing starts at $985

Do you manage websites also?

Yes! We do offer website management retainers for small businesses who need their site managed. Those retainers are offered in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and one year durations.